"This was moving in ways I never anticipated, thank you both. Really, this needs to be seen."

About the Show

"Mesmerizing! Powerful! A message for our times!"

Using Aerial Acrobatics as a conduit for storytelling, the artists unfold the story of 2 women and their journeys through healthy and unhealthy relationships.It addresses women's issues in both circus and the wider world. It is raw, honest, funny, and tender hearted.


whowe are

Amaya Alvarado and Kate Law are both graduates of the New England Center for Circus Arts who found each other in Portland, Oregon. 

Cumulatively, they have over 20 years of performance experience, spanning many disciplines, including: Chinese Pole, Rue Cyr, Hand to Hand, Trapeze, Dance, and more. 



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  • “Intense, courageous and a wonderfully good way to explore the dynamic relationship between two people, whose physical well-being depends on each other.”

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